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Achieve a Vibrant Practice

I’ll help you optimize your practice for revenue and profit so you can work smarter, succeed financially, and delegate tasks to your talented team.

Achieve Your
Revenue Goals

Eliminate The Guesswork

Avoid Costly Experimentation

Certified Business Coach

Growing A Small Business on your own is


Without A Plan…

  • Revenue stalls or (worse) dips
  • You chase ideas that don’t move the needle
  • You guess instead of following a process

Your Business Runs Like an Airplane

Six parts of your business need to be optimized so it can fly far and fast. When you optimize the six key parts of your business, you’ll not only feel confident in your business growth plan – you’ll actually enjoy running your business again.


The Cockpit
Grow your business by aligning your team around three economic priorities.


Right Engine
Learn to clarify your marketing message so your customers place orders.


Left Engine
Close more sales by inviting customers into a story instead of pushing products.


Increase your revenue by prioritizing (and creating) products that are high in demand and high in profit.


The Body
Run a lean business by organizing your entire team using only five meetings.


Fuel Tanks
Install a simple, easy playbook that ensures you never run out of cash.

Growing a Healthy Business Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Hi, I’m Julie!

You don’t have to live on the ragged edge of overload. We’ve all been that patient stuck in a room for a half hour because they can’t get to us. It’s frustrating! It’s frustrating for the practice too. I know because I’ve managed a clinic for nearly ten years. I don’t want that for you, your practice, or your patients. Let’s work together and build a sustainable plan.

As your Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I’ll guide you through each topic to ensure you implement these concepts into each key area of your practice.

We’ll work together to ensure you build a healthy, profitable practice that you can enjoy.

More Time. Less Effort. Greater Flow.


How To Get Started

Get Your Business Score

The first step is understanding where your business is at right now. Take the My Business Report Assessment to establish your business performance baseline.

Book A Consultation

On our consultation call, I’ll walk you through the My Business Report results and recommend a plan to improve the key areas in your business.

Enjoy your business again

Running your business doesn’t have to be a grind. We’ll work together to ensure you build a healthy, profitable business that you love.

Get Your
Business Score

Take the My Business Report Assessment to discover how your business is performing and learn how to fix it.
Running a business can often feel like a guessing game. My Business Report is an online business assessment that helps you diagnose what’s going wrong with your business and offers a customized plan for how to fix it.
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